Here We Go…


Well here we go. The terrific people in Ottobock’s marketing group recently asked me to blog for them as a daily user of the company’s fine products. As a big fan of wearing shorts any time I can – I am always talking to people about my prosthetics, informing them of the technology and how much I depend on them, and what they allow me to do… but writing a blog? The closest I have come to writing a blog was on a Caringbridge journal I kept after I was injured in 2007. After a few of the Caringbridge postings I had to set a rule that any thoughts that were composed in the evening – would be saved in a Word document overnight for review the next day, prior to posting “live”. See, at that time I was heavily medicated and it seemed that the words would just flow from my mind onto the paper, I thought myself to be a literary genius. However, after a good night sleep, I would wake and review some of my writings to discover even I couldn’t make much sense of them. So, with this being my first submission of a blog I feel I must provide full disclosure. With that said I do disclose that I haven’t relied on any pain medication for over 5 years but as a backup I would still like to apologize in advance.
My name is Aaron Holm and I reside with my wife and family in the Twin Cities. Shortly after being struck by a vehicle while changing a tire I became very passionate and knowledgeable about Ottobock the company, and the products that they provide. I am a bi-lateral above knee amputee and a daily user of a pair of C-Legs.  In future blogs I will be sharing some of my story in “a-day-in-the-active-life” format.

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