Summer begins

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Oh my gosh I am so happy that this school semester is finally over and summer officially begins. I am actually starting to feel like I can maaaybe regain a bit of a social life again, and maybe even start doing some of the things that really make me happy.

attachment-51b9cc7be4b0e4c164500bcbMy summer did start off awesome by going down to Dallas to visit one of my best friends Melisa for a few days (more stories about that trip later). I had a blast and realized that I needed a few days of vacation more now than I had needed in a long time. But when I was on my trip I really was able to spend time reflecting a bit. I think that an airplane ride is the perfect time to just jam out to music, (silently of course), get in a zone, and just let thoughts flow. My nonstop, always running, brain goes straight to thinks like, what could be new goals in my life, or am I accomplishing things that I want to be successful with? I start looking at my life and where I currently stand with everything and so on. It was nice to think about stuff like that because I haven’t done so in a while with so much going on lately.  Truthfully, I think it’s healthy and necessary for everyone to do that every once in a while.

In the process of reflecting I started thinking about my blog, and then I reread the first post I submitted to Ottobock … again (as I have a few times since writing it). Even though everything in that post was real and honest and who I am…I think it was missing too much of what I want it to be. I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing, and I couldn’t seem to figure out why it has been difficult to put my words down on paper the way that I want to. Well it’s so tough because I have been in school for pretty much all of my life and “professional- school” type papers is really all that I know in terms of my own writing. So making this transition into typing the way that I speak, and writing down basic life events and everyday things, is way more complicated than I thought it would be- so bear with me for a while.

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine the other day, and I was telling her about how I am struggling with coming up with things to talk about. To me, I live a perfectly boring, incredibly average life… and I love every minute of it. But why would anyone, who doesn’t know me, want to take time out of their day to read about what I did today, or how I feel about something?! Sheila reminded me that just over 3 years ago when I lost my leg, everything with this new life that was unknown to me.

As amazing as my family and friends were throughout the entire process, they just couldn’t get it. And as much as I know many of them would have taken my place in that hospital bed, they couldn’t and not anyone that I knew had any idea how I was feeling or what was going through my mind.

I would have loved to know that there was some other chick out there that was going through the same thing I was! Or even just to hear someone tell me like it really is! I didn’t want to hear every day  that things were going to be “okay”, especially not from people that weren’t missing a leg. Not every day or minute was great and I wanted to know that someone else felt that, and could understand that the way I did. I mean let’s be real, losing a limb isn’t really something that anyone would want to happen, and it’s not like oh yay! I had to have my leg amputated! I knew before coming out of the induced coma I was in that I would be okay, and that I adapt to this new lifestyle- one way or another- But I still knew it.

Kate wears an Ottobock C-Leg


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  1. Kristin says:

    "Sassy and regal." Reminds me of someone I know!


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