Teamwork makes dream work by Lacey Henderson

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This week, I have been on the STRUGGLE BUS and while I am blaming it on my weird Aus-merican sleeping schedule (it’s like, the day is the only time my body wants to sleep) it was also brought to my attention that for the next couple of weeks, Mercury is in retrograde. Now, my knowledge of anything astrology is limited (actually, I have no idea except that I’m a Gemini) but I think its innately human to want to look outside of ourselves when things are difficult and go wrong, so I’m blaming my inefficiencies these weeks on the retrograde…and also fall allergies (I have to sleep at a normal time at some point soon, right?!)

Regardless of who’s to blame, this week it has been brought to my attention that it’s actually okay to ask for help! I am trying to get my life organized and sorted before I get into the indoor season for track and get everything (and everyone involved) ironed out. Maybe when people face life-altering changes, like limb loss, it’s like we want to prove to the world (even more so to ourselves) that we can do it all. While for the majority of the time that’s true (and totally awesome) we also deserve a break, and other people are there that want to help you.

We are all capable of doing everything and anything we want, but sometimes that extra push from a friend can set you up for something even greater than when you go at it alone.

Teamwork makes the dream work!!

Look out for some exciting things in the new year, I’m pretty pumped for it.

Lacey at the International Sports Hall Association's 2013 conference.
Lacey at the International Sports Hall Association’s 2013 conference.

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