Socket to Me!


In my last blog I mentioned that I would soon be transitioning from the C-Leg to the  Ottobock  X3 knee.  Just last week my insurance company approved the knees and the transition has begun. On Friday I took my first steps with the new X3 knees, Triton feet and newly fabricated test / check sockets! What an amazing difference that it made! I have had my C-Legs and Axion feet for over 6 years – and the sockets I have been wearing as a bi-lateral above knee amputee are 5 years old!

[NOTE: The socket is the shell that encases your limb and the connects you to your prosthesis and will be either a  vacuum or a suction suspension system.]

To my surprise the most dramatic change that I felt was in the socket! What have I been waiting for and why did I put this off for so long? I am embarrassed to admit that I have gone so long without working with my practitioner to be fit with a new pair of sockets. I have forgot how good a socket can be with the correct fit and feel – and it is only a check socket! Over the years our bodies change, our residual limbs atrophy – dramatically changing the way in which our sockets fit. To compensate we use pads, socks as “band aids”, fillers to offset the changes in our bodies. Realistically the more we pad up / sock up the further away from a proper fitting socket we get. Putting on a new socket last week that has recently been cast from my residual limb and fabricated for the proper fit, feel and function was an eye opener. I am now, more than ever, looking forward to uncovering some of the advanced features of my new knees and feet – on my new, great fitting sockets!

Moving forward!

For more information about the importance of sockets and how to select what’s best for you visit our Prosthetics 101 for more information.

Aaron with his new gear.
Aaron with his new gear.

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Absolutely thrilled for you! Amanda has kept me updated, we’ve talked a lot in the last few weeks. Can’t wait to hear more.Love and prayers,Kirsten


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