Facing Extreme Temperatures with Your Microprocessor Knee

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Experiencing extreme temperature changes where you live? We’ve asked Cale, an Ottobock clinician, to give some advice for keeping your microprocessor knee functioning properly!

As you know, these are quite extreme temperatures we’re facing and they are well below the recommended operating temperatures of microprocessor knees.

If you are outside while transitioning from your car to a store or your home, you should not experience any problems due to the small amount of hydraulic fluid in the knee. The knee can warm up the fluid quite quickly. If you’re standing outdoors for any extended period, say, 15 minutes or more, you will experience a little more resistance than usual, but it will still loosen up once you begin walking.

I would not recommend standing outdoors statically for longer than 20 minutes. If you do, you may simply have to warm up the knee inside for a bit. The knee will accumulate frost on the hydraulic unit as you come inside, but the frost will evaporate after a few minutes and is not problematic.

The Information For Use manual recommends the operating storage and transport temperature range from 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. We often exceed these temperatures in Minnesota and I almost never hear of users having issues with the function of their knee. In fact, I have many friends that are avid ice fishers who wear Genium and C-Leg. None of them have reported experiencing product malfunctions due to the cold. I hope this helps.

-Cale, Ottobock Clinician

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