C-Brace = Freedom

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Sharon shared a few of the freedoms she now enjoys thanks to her C-Brace:

1. With the C-brace I am no longer required to use  a platform crutch to walk, which leaves me with two free arms! This certainly makes many activities much easier!

2. With the C-Brace I no longer have to carefully scan areas I plan to walk through, to make sure the ground is even and there is nothing I may need to step over or avoid. I don’t have to “count” my steps to make sure I have enough to last through the day. I don’t have to quickly devise a way to walk that requires the least steps on the firmest ground with the  C-brace. It is exhausting to always be completely focused on how to get from one point to the next. 

Sharon and her husband Sal enjoying a walk on the beach
Sharon and her husband Sal enjoying a walk on the beach

3. With the C-Brace I can now focus straight ahead and not have to look at the ground constantly each time I walk. The C-brace has enabled me to take photographs once again. There certainly was not much for me to take photos of when I was constantly having to scan the terrain. Which makes one miss many beautiful sights. It’s also easier to take a photo now because I have two free arms without having to use my platform crutch paired with my old brace. (At the Ottobock conference I took over 300 photos in just a few days.)

4.With the C-Brace I can once again attend outdoor activities. Events that I used to enjoy like family outings to the beach, fairs and other gatherings I can return to enjoying. Without the C-Brace I would stay at home and encourage my family to attend and share the details upon their return home. Missing all the fun!

5. With the C-brace I can have a more normal gait, I no longer have to constantly hike my hip and pull my injured leg through straight (without bending the knee) with each step. The C-Brace allows me to actually bend my leg and walk with the confidence that the C-Brace will provide the support I need with each step.

Sharon and tiger6. With the C-Brace I can walk down stairs using alternating feet. Before the C-Brace I had to take each step meeting my feet together on each step- certainly slow going!

7. With the C-Brace I can step over objects in my path as I walk, I no longer have to find a different path! I no longer have to seek out curb cutouts to access stores/restaurants etc.

8. With The C-Brace I can walk up ramps with ease, without the brace I would avoid ramps or hilly terrain.


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