18,899 Steps


It has been a good week. I have been in Mexico with my family and am now at 38,000 feet heading home. I just opened my computer, which I have been neglecting for the past several days, to see a reminder – Ottobock / Blog Due, from a few days ago. I guess I took the laid back Mexican lifestyle a little too seriously and let the deadline come and go.Aaron swimming with sharks

But what a trip it was. We snorkeled in the ocean, the kids learned to surf, we shopped and toured some of the Mayan ruins.  And, perhaps one of the coolest things for me was standing in the water at the swim up bar and enjoying a cool beverage with my wife.  I spent a lot of time in the water – with the X3 knees and really appreciated what I have been missing for over the past seven years. Being in a pool with legs. Standing up or sitting at the swim up bar – relaxing and staying cool with a dip in the water when necessary.

The legs held up great this week.  As you probably know many foreign countries don’t have the building codes that we are accustomed to in the US. Accessibility isn’t assumed like it is at home. Knowing that I could rely on the technology day in and day out – allowed me to do so much more than I have in the past. What an experience! And even though we did spend a lot of time relaxing – I still managed to put in 18,899 steps, a little under 10 miles in less than a week. And we still have a half of a day to go!

Check that! After a customs stop in Dallas the pedometer on my remote now reads 20,574 steps. Over 10 miles in 6 days!

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