I Can’t.


I have turned down a lot of opportunities lately. It seems that every other day I am explaining to someone why “I can’t”.  Not because I want to but because I have to, it’s as simple as that.  We all have limitations – there is only so much that one can do. A cabin weekend with friends, a social gathering, a round of golf, tickets to the MN Wild playoff game, dinner, I can’t. Sorry, but I can’t.Aaron Golf Course

I don’t like missing out on things, especially fun things that have been presented of late.  I guess that is a silly statement. Nobody likes to miss out on a good time! I never used to miss a thing – road trips, social gatherings (ok parties), weekend outings, attending a sporting event or participating in a tournament.  I was constantly on the go – finding a good time or making one up as we went. What happened?

I guess there is more to the story.

Cabin weekend? I can’t, I am playing in a sled hockey tournament.

80’s party? I can’t, I am attending my daughters dance competition out of town.

Golf? Would love to, but I am golfing in a tournament at another course that day.

MN Wild Tickets? I appreciate the offer, but I have some work to do at the cabin.

Dinner? I can’t, my son has a hockey game I am attending.

The fact is, we are on the go more now than ever before. We used to think we were constantly on the go. Looking back it was nothing compared to today’s schedule.  Today there are many more options to consider (‘juggle’ might be the better word). An opening on the calendar doesn’t exist often – when it does we are typically lost, not knowing what to do with the time.

Mow the lawn? Yes dear, right away. “I can’t” suddenly isn’t in my vocabulary.


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