The C-Brace and Clothing

Del bar

When it comes to clothing, for the most part you will see me wearing shorts when I’m out and about. It is a rare occasion that you will ever see me wearing any kind of long pants (I’m just not that guy), but I do sometimes when the occasion calls for it. It was brought to my attention on April 3, 2013, the day I received my bilateral C-Braces, that I may not be able to wear full length pants EVER again. Was I heartbroken? No. But it did put things into perspective for me, and I thought, what if I’m attending a function and need dress pants? So off to the clothing store I went and spent countless hours trying on jeans, dress pants, and even sweat pants. Nothing was working for me! I thought about this long and hard and realized I was going about this entirely the wrong way—I should start by seeing a tailor first. I went to a local tailor and we put our minds together to come up with a solution to my dilemma.

The first obstacle was the module on the outer portion of the C-Brace. This was a relatively simple solution, requiring a zipper on the outside leg of the pants to expose the module of the C-Brace. The second obstacle was the girth of the C-Brace. It does add some inches to the overall size of the leg. How my tailor and I accomplished this was first by measuring the entire circumference of my calf and thigh with the C-Brace. Then we added 2 inches to both of these measurements for comfort. For example, my calf portion was 20″. Once we got these numbers, we split them in half (10″ for the calf portion, and did the same for the thigh portion). Now you are ready to start shopping for pants — but remember to bring a measuring tape with you this time! Once you find a pair of pants you like, measure from seam to seam in the calf and thigh area. After I found pants that matched my calf size of 10″ inches and also my thigh size, I went back to the tailor so he could open the side where the module is and sew in a zipper.

One other option is if you shop around you can find workout pants that will fit over the entire C-Brace as you can see in my picture. It’s that simple; however, it does require a bit of work on your end and an added fee for the tailor, but the end result is that even with C-Braces a person can still wear full length pants, whether it be jeans or dress pants. Life is full of hurdles and obstacle, you just have to conquer them one at a time.


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