My Family Reunion in Maine

Del bar

My family and I started our week-long vacation on the morning of July 21st, and just like many other families who go on vacation, we had long nights and early mornings to head out. However, for me it was slightly different—but not impossible.

Everyone has a morning routine after they awake. I’ll tell you about mine on this particular day, but it’s not exactly like this every morning since this was a vacation day.

We got up at the crack of dawn and sat down for our morning coffee and some early breakfast. My wife and I sat in the back yard, poolside, enjoying the nice cool breeze from the morning air. When we were done with breakfast, I jumped into the shower. My wife and my daughter, Rachel, showered after me.


After showering, I grabbed my C-Braces and began to put them on for my day’s adventures. (Putting on two C-Braces takes me less than 10 minutes; it’s pretty quick once you get the hang of it—in another post I can explain how I put mine on. However, I can tell you this: I wear thigh-high compression socks under the C-Braces because it makes them much easier to slide on and off.)  Once I had my C-Braces on I could continue to get dressed and then I was ready for the day. I loaded the car and we were off to meet up with 40 relatives for a reunion in Kennebunkport, Maine.

After a five-and-a-half-hour drive from our home in New York, we made it to the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport. I rode in the back because I’m so tall—6 feet, 3 inches. I do enjoy car travel, even with two C-Braces, so for me five and a half hours was nothing. We stopped a few times, as anyone would have to do. During our stay in Kennebunkport, we took in some very cool sights, like the compound of George Bush, our 41st president, which was just one mile up the road from where we stayed.

The house in back of me in this picture is George Bush’s compound. He happened to be there while we were in Kennebunkport, but there was no getting close to him with secret service all over the compound. The boat anchor that I am sitting on was given to George Bush by a local. It was displayed in front of his compound for photo ops.



This picture was taken right outside our back veranda. You can see how tall I am next to this lighthouse.

Let’s talk about my size for a minute. I get asked about the C-Braces all the time. Like, “Wow, they’re big! How much do they weigh?  What do they add to your total body weight?”  Well, as you can see, at 6 feet 3 inches, I’m a big guy, so when you look at my C-Braces when they’re not on me, they look huge. But when I put them on, you can see that they’re really not that big. So it really depends on the build of the individual they’re fitted for.  For myself, I don’t care how big they are because they help me ambulate daily without assistance from walking aids!

I don’t want to bore you with all the pictures I took or report my vacation word for word and day by day. But as you can see, my life moving forward since I got the C-Braces has only gotten better. I’m doing things that I once thought I would never be able to do again, and I will continue to push the limits daily. Until the next time, TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME. You will get there safer and, sometimes, quicker.

The beautiful place where we all stayed.


Delville Bink

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