Surgery, Recovery, and Hope


To share her journey with readers, Jamie is republishing a journal entry she wrote just weeks after her accident. To read Jamie’s first post about how she’s doing now, click here

August 2014

I was in an unfortunate motorcycle accident on Monday, August 11 and through God’s grace I survived the crash. There were casualties — my left leg was amputated above the knee, I have a broken pelvis, and some major bruises. While it sucks (a lot), I’d rather be alive and have a couple broken bits than not be here at all. I’m learning to live in a new normal. It’s challenging, but then again, I’ve always liked a challenge.

No doubt the road to recovery will have its ups and downs, but I’m confident that I’ll be just fine because of the community of people I have around me. My husband Andy, my family and friends, and the people I’ve met along the way have all been my biggest support group. I’m so grateful for them and hope that every amputee has the same support.


I started physical therapy the day after my pelvic surgery (Thursday, August 14) and have been moving fast and furious (well, sort of) ever since. I was nervous about moving around. My leg hurt. My entire lower back was swollen. So much pain, people! BUT, with the help of nurses and Andy they slowly rolled me over and I sat up for the first time. A small movement, but a huge accomplishment. I could do it. I knew I could do it.

Andy and I are still amazed at the power of healing. Here’s how it went down the first week in the hospital after my accident:

  • Monday – Accident and amputation
  • Wednesday – Pelvic surgery
  • Thursday – Sitting for the first time
  • Friday – Moved to the wheelchair and wheeled outside for the first time
  • Saturday – Able to move to shower (HUGE deal after spending five days with greasy hair)
  • Tuesday – Started Occupational and Physical Therapy sessions (three hours a day)
  • Wednesday – Practiced getting into a car (with a fake car in the hospital and then moved to our actual car)
  • Thursday – Focused on stretching my muscles to keep them active
  • Friday – moved HOME!

I now have routine physical and occupational therapy sessions (both in home and at the hospital) for the next nine weeks until I’m able to put weight on my right leg.


I’m amazed at the human body and its ability to heal. All of the intricacies of my nerves and muscles and bone and blood and everything wound together…it’s a beautiful creation and I’m so grateful for it.

Read more about Jamie’s thoughts, life, and hobbies at her blog KVAMME Land.

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