Problems with Fitting


I was incredibly thankful for finally getting new prosthetic legs. I ended up receiving them around December of 2014. Months after DOR gave me the authorization for prosthetic legs, I obtained coverage under both MediCal and MediCare.

Unfortunately, my problems did not stop there. I was having several issues with my new prosthetic legs. I usually use crutches for about a month or so after I get new sets of legs. However, with these legs, I could not get off of them. Furthermore, they caused me great pain.

I went to my primary care physician at Kaiser Permanente and then got a referral to Hanger Clinic in Beverly Hills in May of 2015. I was informed that I was not fitting in my socket properly (a lot of skin was coming out) and that I was not aligned properly, which was the reason why I could not walk comfortably or without my crutches.


I was told that I had really good legs, and that I have the potential to do so much with them. I was also advised to transfer to suction sockets (I had been using the lanyard system). After getting evaluated, I got authorization to get new sockets for my prosthetic legs. I was disappointed to have to start the process all over again, but optimistic about being able to walk again.

I received my new sockets around in August of 2015. The next day, I was in a great amount of pain. I went back to Hanger. They found that I still had really bad abductor rolls – I had tissue at the top of my legs that was being squeezed and coming out of the socket. I was informed that my old prosthetic legs probably contributed to this.

Since then, I have been going back and forth to the clinic. Almost every week, some adjustments are made regarding fitting. I am extremely thankful for my current prosthetist at Hanger, because he is so caring and patient. He told me that he would not give up and that he would start from scratch if he had to.

I have been on crutches for nine months now. I have never been on crutches this long in my entire life. Not being able to walk normally and comfortably has put great physical and emotional distress in my life. Being in a wheelchair is not an option for me. I will continue to walk until I get very old and weak and cannot walk anymore. Walking is a privilege to me, and I refuse to give it up. The whole reason my parents decided on the amputation in the first place was so that I have the opportunity to walk. To be honest, I have felt depressed several times due to the situation. Whenever I feel like I am losing hope, my family and friends are there to comfort me and give me strength.

So far, the adjustments have been making me feel better and better each time. When we are done with the fitting, I will finally be trained to walk on my C-legs. I am excited to see what is in store and I hope this day comes really soon.

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  1. Nate says:

    Hang in there and stay positive, it may take some time, but you will get to where you want to be.

    I have had a variety of socket fit issues over my nearly 15 years as an amputee. As you encounter obstacles you figure out ways to get around them; if you keep trying you’ll get it fixed.

    Have faith in yourself, stay strong, and lean on those who love and support you, and you can do anything.

    Thank you for sharing your story. Your struggles and successes will help someone else who is in your shoes someday.


  2. Shawn says:

    Keep pushing ahead. It’s not easy and quite depressing at tomes when you can’t wear the prosthesis or walk. The good days…or hours make it worth the struggle. Your not alone. Take care. Shawn.


  3. jab1965 says:

    I would make a comment such as “Hang in there!”, but it’s obvious that you’re doing a lot more than that! I respect the decision that your parents were faced with making, and you’ve definitely done your level best to be as mobile as you can be. I hope it is OK that I pray for you. I’ve seen my own daughter in a similar struggle, and I’ve been at that point myself more than once. It is frustrating; it is aggravating; and dealing with it over and over can truly become depressing. You know the potential is there…and yet it seems to be over the horizon and out of reach no matter what you do. These folks are being paid to turn out a usable product, so stay on them until it’s done correctly! I truly hope and pray everything can be resolved for you ASAP.


  4. Mario says:

    Keep your faith it will all work out. You look amazing. I been a left above the knee for 10 years and have maybe a 6 to 7 inch stump . I had 4 different sockets there different knees. Just received my c4 knee and it is amazing micro chip prossor . Amazing praying for you. Keep your chin up.


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