Upcoming minor surgery


A lot has happened since I last posted on here, both good and bad. Thankfully, I’ve finally gotten accustomed to my C-legs. I’m also off the crutches. I even got my prosthesis cosmetically covered (foam). I feel happy with my current prosthetic legs, as well as more confident walking in them.


Now… the bad news.

I’ve had really bad adductor rolls for years now, which are collections of tissue that can form on the inner thigh above the socket line.  It has constantly caused issues with my fittings, so my current Prosthetist suggested that I see a plastic surgeon if it persists. For years, I’ve been going to my dermatologist for creams, but it has only been a temporary solution.

I finally went for a consultation at the plastic surgery department. The surgeon was completely understanding of my situation. She said that she doesn’t want to cut since my adductor rolls are located very high in my thighs and because my prostheses apply a lot of pressure in that area.

Instead, the plan is to go with liposuction, since it’ll be minimally invasive. The stitches will even dissolve on their own. However, I’ll also have to get refitted in my prosthetic legs.

I’m very excited to get this issue fixed because I’m in constant pain.

At the same time, I’m very worried. I was accepted into a bio-medical research summer program, and it is an incredible opportunity that I don’t want to deny. It starts only a few weeks after the scheduled operation and I may not be fully healed by then.

On the other hand, my surgeon recommended I go ahead with it anyways. She said that I will always have things going on, but that this is something I need to do regardless.

I feel that as an amputee, we always have to plan ahead…

Sometimes, I wish that I didn’t have to worry about things like this.

I’ve already contacted my surgeon, my Prosthetist, and even the school that I’ll be staying for accommodations. I requested my friend as a roommate in case I need extra help in the dorms. Although, I have to work extra hard just to make this happen, I know that these challenges give me motivation, perseverance, and dedication.

And in the end, those qualities are what make us stronger.

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  1. Hi Marina. I’m glad to hear that you are off crutches. On the other hand, sorry to hear about the pain. I’ve been an amputee for decades. They didn’t have C-Legs back then. I’ve been refitted over a dozen times over the years. Weight gain and loss are the most difficult to control because the first place you notice it is the fit of your prosthesis. Besides weight control, I fractured my left hip badly in 2000 on the same side that my amputation is on. Talk about pain, ouch!!!!!!!! I was on crutches for 6 months after the surgery because of swelling. I got refitted for a new socket and was on my way once again. Then, in 2013 I developed A Vascular Necrosis in my good hip. They replaced my hip and I was in rehabilitation and on crutches once again. I could not be released back home due to the fact that I live alone. A month later I was back on my feet again. In 2015 I received my first C-Leg. That was really cool. Because of my increased physical activities, I have to be refitted once again. I’m switching over from a suction system to a lanyard socket. I can’t wait. I have been riding my Stamina Air-meter bike every morning since March for 50 minutes a day. I work out on my Bow-flex equipment every evening as well. I’ve been driving special needs children for the Department of Children and Families to Schools and safe housing since 2014. I am also currently developing my own websites as a side business.You are right about challenges. You will find many in the years ahead. Don’t let it worry you. Face them head on. You will succeed in the end. I am also glad to hear that you’re pursuing your educational and career goals. I’ve only shared a few of the obstacles that I’ve endured over the years. I’ve overcome all of them and they did make me stronger. Keep a positive attitude and you will succeed in whatever goals you set for yourself.


  2. Marjorie Lee says:

    Good luck with your surgery Marina. I think it sounds worth it if you will be out of pain. Pain is not good. I’m rooting for you!


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