The Unbreakable Mold


When something or someone breaks the mold so to speak, we think of it as extraordinary, something beyond our wildest expectations. I never quite thought of myself as mold breaker until I became one, literally. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy, I had lots of muscle tone. My body was seldom limber nor did it stay in one position too long. I involuntarily leaned, pushed, and kicked my feet out all the time.

This made it quite challenging to find seating systems that were both durable and supportive. I broke off laterals, stripped screws, and most definitely popped off a few foot plates. As I got older, I started to understand just how complex my postural issues were. I was fitted for my very first custom mold at age 11. It fit too snug for comfort but provided ample support according to my therapists. It was bulky and made of material that scorched in the heat. As a teenager, I was guided away from custom seating and back into what was on the market. I was pleased with sleek look of my new back support.

A year later, I was not only back to square one, I was back in the hospital. The back support had tilted in the opposite direction, which put pressure on my lower spine and ultimately dislocated my hips. After surgery and 6 months of rehab, I was determined to get a new chair and seating that fit properly, felt comfortable, and gave me adequate support. While in rehab, I met OT/seating specialist Kenneth Gant. He asked me to come back after being discharged and work on my new chair with him.

I returned in February of 2002, and we began working together. After evaluating both my posture and lifestyle needs, he recommended with use the OBSS Tru Shape seating system. I was a bit wary given my previous experience with custom seating. He told me that the molding process wouldn’t be easy or flattering but assured me the end result would be suitable to my needs.


Nearly 12 years and 3 molds later, I can still say he was absolutely right. OBSS is truly the unbreakable mold. I couldn’t break or damage it if I tried, not that I would want to. It’s the one seating system I swear by to keep me upright, comfy, and rolling through life. Watch the video below to see just what I mean.

I dedicate this post in loving memory of Kenneth Gant Jr.

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  1. Spree says:

    This sounds great your story is very instrumental. I’m a c6 ic quadraplegic and my body is in so much pain now it’s hard to sit in my chair. I developed scoliosis and my pelvisis have shifted. think this would be great to try. Thank you


    1. ottobockus says:

      Let us know if you need any more information. We’d be happy to help. – Melissa at Ottobock


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