Hello. My name is Lucas Grossi and I am an adaptive snowboarder and member of the first U.S. Paralympics Snowboard National Team.

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It is an honor to have been selected for the team and is a dream realized for this season. The Paralympic Games will be in Sochi, Russia, 2014. It seems far off and there are a number of things to still accomplish in order to make the cut for the G.

I lost my leg in a car accident when I was twelve…that was in 1988. The 25th anniversary of my amputation will be coming up in August. This may seem odd but it is funny how benign that date is to me after all these years. This prosthetic I wear is just a regular part of my life. It is a ‘shoe’ that I put on much like the rest of the world does every morning. It is a tool for success that allows me to do what I love.

As with all people I know who embrace their disability, they become successful from that moment on. Mine was the point my brother Jake strapped an elbow pad to my stump, put a skateboard under my rear, and pushed me down the driveway. That was five months before I learned to walk again.

More blog posts to come. Please check out my website, blog posts, and snowboard videos from this last winter at www.originalgimp.org

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Lucas wears Ottobock’s Triton foot on his everyday leg with a ProFlex Sleeve and he wears the Axtion foot and ProFlex Sleeve with his snowboarding prosthesis. To find the best foot for you visit us online.

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