Finding My Career Path

Growing up, the age old question was always, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” For me I never really had a solid answer but rather several that continued to change as time went on. I never thought about having to consider being someone with limb loss, and all the things that came with it while deciding on a career. After going through the trenches of surgery and recovery from the loss of my leg, there was a huge pressing matter on my mind—my job. During the time of my accident I was stirring in several different pots. I was going to school full-time, working a temp job which consisted of desk work (certainly seemed the most realistic), and working in two different restaurants within a hotel/restaurant  in which I was on my feet running up and down the steps all day and night. I knew that I needed to get on a career path rather than just a job since I was no longer a teenager. But finding something I wanted to do long term, let alone for the rest of my life, is easier said than done.

Kate at her graduation.
Kate at her graduation.

I started to worry about how the heck I was going to be able to get back to doing the work I wanted to do. Maybe this was the perfect time to get myself out of the hospitality business; which I had been considering for quite some time. On the other hand I was also looking into starting a consulting business with a friend, so my new sitch certainly threw a wrench into my plans. Oddly enough after being released from my fifty day hospital stay, one of the biggest things I wanted to do was to go back to work. I am a true workaholic and love being that way, plus I was ready to get back into the action since I had been laying low for so long. I think I wanted to recreate some normalcy. Considering all the new changes taking place there wasn’t much in my life I could consider normal.

I was blessed because the company I was doing temporary work for knew the situation I was in, so they offered me a full-time and permanent position. I moved into overseeing the customer service division at the corporate office for the spa and salon company. It was great and what I needed at that time. I had previously worked in a few local salons the company owned, so I could understand both the corporate perspective and the field perspective. I didn’t realize it then, but being put into that position was a HUGE blessing for me personally and also for my resume.

I learned that sometimes our paths take us in a direction that we might not enjoy at the present moment. However, often it leads to something so much greater than you ever could have guessed.

That job was what shaped me for getting into a career I love!! Which brings me to present day. As you might have read in my last blog post, I recently was fit for a new socket. In that process I was also starting a brand new career in the financial and insurance industry.  I am in an industry and I can share my story to help support our mission at Brightpeak Financial. I learned the hard way that at twenty years old not having the proper coverage in place can cause some major financial hardships. Now I can see so clearly why disability insurance and those types of things are so helpful!

I don’t believe that limb loss needs to be the reason you do or don’t take a job. Truthfully I don’t believe limb loss is something that has to be the reason you do or do not do anything. You can have it all and do it all, but you just have to consider things that are a bit more outside of the box. Limb loss is not what defines me—just the opposite. It of course has been something that has impacted my life greatly and helped shape me, however; I am a person first and second I am an amputee.



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  1. Doug Durham says:

    Hi Kate, I enjoyed reading your work. Please contact me or message me on Facebook Abled Amputees of America. Thanks Doug Durham


    1. Kate Ross says:

      Thanks Doug! I am happy to hear you enjoyed my blog! I will reach out and get in touch. Thanks for the note!


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