Beauty. And the Evolving View of It.


Each of us has a standard for beauty and we usually don’t measure up.

We want longer hair. We want less curves. Or maybe more curves. We want to be taller. We want smaller ears. We want long legs.

We want..we want..we want..

It’s exhausting (and really, legs aren’t going to just magically grow three inches overnight. Ears don’t get smaller. So stop fussing about it.).

90% of the time I’m pretty indifferent to what people think about me. But I’m human. And I’m a woman human. So yeah, 10% of the time I’m insecure and care a lot. And I’m sure many of you understand when I say that 10% is annoying and frustrating and stupid and all in my (your) head.

So I’ve got metal and it’s different and it’s weird and it’s cool all at the same time. I’m learning to embrace it. To embrace all of the things it allows me to do.

I get to teach kids that it’s ok to be different from everyone else (which I mean come you guys remember middle school??).

I get to have enriching conversations with strangers (all. of. the. time. people are curious).

I get to be a storyteller almost every day. And that’s pretty great.
So what is beauty then? It’s every one of your curves. It’s your gap-tooth smile. It’s your big ears. It’s your short stubby legs. It’s everything about you.

We’re unique and different, and that’s so much cooler than being the same. It’s so much cooler than being what the media says we should be.

You’re beautiful. And I am too (in all my flesh and metal). So let’s be beautiful and believe it ok?


Originally posted at Jamie’s blog KVAMME Land.

Photo Mar 21, 1 26 06 PM

Photo Mar 21, 1 26 34 PM

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